Caliper Life Science Inc., a provider of advanced technologies for medical and diagnostics testing, today announced it has signed a long-term, exclusive arrangement with Trinean, a pioneer in automated micro volume spectroscopy systems. Per the agreement, Caliper will distribute Trinean’s DropSense platform under the name LabChip DS in North America.

The LabChip DS is an automated spectral analysis platform that allows users to analyze the concentration levels of nucleic acid and protein samples within minutes. The product is complementary to Caliper’s LabChip GX, which provides fluorescent, electrophoretic analysis of fragments of nucleic acids and proteins.

“Caliper is investing significant resources into developing new products, applications on our existing products, and third-party collaborations, co-marketing and distribution agreements to further augment our aggressive move into the biotherapeutics and genomics markets,” Kevin Hrusovsky, president and CEO of Caliper Life Sciences stated in the press release. “Caliper has become a vendor and partner of choice for sequencing sample preparation tools, and we are very pleased to add Trinean’s DropSense platform to the tools we offer to our customers in North America.”

The company said the idea is to use the LabChip DS for the initial concentration analysis of extracted genomic DNA, which would then be sheared using third-party equipment, then size-fractionated on a Caliper LabChip XT platform. The companies would then analyze the sheared DNA and constructed libraries would then be performed using the LabChip GXI platform to assess size, purity and amount of the DNA fragments.

“Trinean is pleased to leverage Caliper’s extensive commercial presence in the genomics and biologics markets in North America, as well as its experience in commercializing microfluidic technologies,” Marc Zabeau, CEO of Trinean stated.

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