Treyarch's upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has fans and critics alike excited for the next chapter in the franchise. The game is set to take place in futuristic war-torn Los Angeles, but some say that Black Ops 2 is more than just a follow-up to the 2010 game: It will change the shooter genre forever.

At least that's CVG's stance on the game. The gamer publication recently got their hands on Black Ops 2 and delved into its contents, revealing that this is not Call of Duty as many players know it. One major feature that distinguishes it from the other games in the series is that Black Ops 2 follows real-life events up until 2012. This means that the World War 3 in Modern Warfare 3 never occurred in the universe of Black Ops 2, according to CVG. The post-apocalyptic setting will also incorporate the use of high-tech weapons and drones.

From 2010 onwards the world's biggest armies begin to scale down their men on the ground and instead significantly increase their reliance on drones for recon and wetwork, writes Matthew Pellett.

In the game, these drones are controlled by antagonist Raul Menendez, a character who had felt wronged by America and China back in the 1980s and has spent his life plotting revenge ever since.

An enemy that is sure to add a new challenge for players is the Cognitive Land Assault Weapon, or CLAW for short. But these metallic machines have been built with few weaknesses, and firing shots at the CLAW will only give it more opportunity to zero-in on a player's position.

The role of decision-making and the consequences for failing missions has also been intensified in this Call of Duty installment. When receiving an order to protect someone, the player's failure or success determines the path they take during the rest of the game.

Both your choices and your competency with a gun will set you on a custom-tailored path with drastically different outcomes hinging on your play style, Pellett writes.

But one of the biggest decisions players will have to face is choosing between missions. A brand-new task type known as Strike Force takes gamers across open-world maps and times them on completing the mission.

It was recently reported that the widely received Zombie Mode will be more ambitious than in any other Call of Duty title. Treyarch announced that competitive Zombie Modes will be added into the mix, and they will feature two teams of four players to face off and compete to kill the most zombies.

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, it certainly seems that there are many changes to come to the franchise. Fans will have to wait until the Nov. 13 release date to see how the next installment will play out, but be sure to check out CVG's in-depth walk-through of their experience with Black Ops 2. For those who haven't seen it, view the official trailer for the game below.