DataCall Technologies Inc. was founded in 2002 just as digital signage began to stake its claim in the world of advertising. Whether it’s general information (news, sports, stocks, etc.) or location-targeted active content (weather, traffic, etc.), research is showing that active content draws viewers to digital signage and keeps them engaged throughout the presentation.

What makes DataCall perhaps unique in the industry is the company’s emphasis on active, real-time content. From the earliest, DataCall and its management team has heeded the growing demand from customers for more on-demand content – the ability to keep digital signage fresh, live and in motion.

Today, the company’s wide variety of real-time content information feeds can be seen through digital signage networks in numerous venues – from airports and highways, to sports stadiums and arenas, from shopping malls to elevators.

Throughout the last several years, DataCall has grown with a vision to support the ever-expanding marketplace for digital signage with real-time information. The company has continued in efforts to improve the delivery, security and variety of information to the digital signage community, providing the most effective and complete live feeds in the industry.

As the industry grows and matures, DataCall is committed to staying ahead by leveraging cutting edge technologies and working on innovations in ease of use and expansion. It is this commitment that promises to power the company’s future growth.

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