Yesterday, Callidus Software, Inc. announced that it has been experiencing continued growth across Asia-Pacific in the adoption of its Sales Performance Management (SPM) suite of software. Callidus has signed deals with five multinational financial services companies in less than a year. These companies reach more than 90% of the population of the region.

Callidus’ line of Sales Performance Management software products helps its users organize their sales force through every step of the sales cycle, including training and coaching to incentives and rewards. The software products are used in several industries, such as high-tech, telecommunications, banking, insurance, and pharmaceuticals, and is used by over two million customers worldwide.

The Callidus SPM suite uses a wide range of tools to help coordinate sales forces, such as coaching to optimize sales organization goal attainment, and assisting in the deployment of targeted incentives, key sales objectives (KSOs), bonuses, and non-cash rewards across the distributed sales network to control and drive selling behavior. Sales results are made available via the web and mobile internet in real time.

“The dynamic, competitive nature of the Asia-Pacific insurance and financial services market means businesses need to control and quickly adapt large-scale sales channels across regions to capitalize on changing market trends,” said Jimmy Duan, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific and Latin America, Callidus Software. “The Callidus suite is gaining momentum in this high-growth region because of its unbeatable combination of control and adaptability, enabling businesses to drive growth without compromising their sales agility. Callidus’ ability to deliver the scalability and flexibility required to support multi-region and multi-channel sales strategies means it is the solution of choice in the market.”