While Newt Gingrich is out convincing the American voting population why he is the best person to be Republican presidential nominee, many eyes are focused on his wife Callista, whose hair has been attracting much attention for some time now.

Callista Gingrich's platinum, seemingly immovable hair has fascinated many and many are wondering how is it that she gets her hair to look like that. Callista Gingrich's hair has been a trending topic all day this week, and so here are five interesting things to know about Callista Gingrich's hair.

1. She reportedly gets her hair done at Sugar House in Old Town, which is said to be a salon in Alexandria, or at the Andre Chreky salon in D.C.

2. The helmet hairdo does not come cheap, as the dye job is reportedly $300 or more.

3. Gawker spoke with Michael Angelo, the owner of Wonderland Beauty Parlor in New York, who said for hair like Callista Gingrich's The reality of a hairstyle like that is that it takes masterful skill. You have to know every quirk of a person's hair growth to get it to work and be exactly the same every time. You can't trust that to a random stranger. She must have someone full time or close to it. 

4. Angelo added that Callista Gingrich is probably dying her hair every two weeks to keep from getting any roots, but that she is not doing her hair on her own on a daily basis.

5. Her hair is said to be precisely the same every time she is seen in public.