Callista Gingrich entered the limelight when her husband, Newt Gingrich, first announced his bid for the 2012 GOP nomination. Mrs. Gingrich has certainly had to deal with her fair share of scrutiny. From her relationship with Newt, to her crazy eyes, to her peculiar hair, Callista Gingrich has been judged from all angles.

Now, her shopping practices are under the microscope.

BuzzFeed's  McKay Coppins went down to McLean, Va., to chat with the employees at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Corner Galleria in the couple's hometown in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

Newt and Callista Gingrich are both apparently on a first-name basis with the sales clerks and shop girls at the luxury department store, which retails lines like Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, Hermes and Dior.

Coppins spoke with five separate employees at Neiman Marcus who attested that the Gingriches are regulars. The couple is apparently friendly, specific in their tastes and decidedly un-shy about writing big checks to fund Callista's expensive shopping habits, according to Coppins. 

Though, not everyone had such nice things to say. Somebody just needs to shake her up, put a comb through that hair, and take a cloth to her face to remove the makeup, said one Neiman Marcus employee.

Here is what else Coppins uncovered:

  • Callista Gingrich is a St. John's aficionado. She is reportedly a huge fan of the line. When Coppins mentioned Callista appearance at CPAC to the sales clerks behind the jewelry counter at Neman Marcus, they knew immediately what she wore. Was she wearing a red St. John's? asked one employee with an eye-roll as one laughed and nodded in agreement. Callista did, in fact, wear St. John's to the event. The label is particularly high end, with tops priced at $495 and jackets well over $1,000.
  • Employee's think the 46-year-old's style makes her look older than her years. Callista typically opts for pearls and blazers, which come across really stiff, said one Neiman Marcus worker.
  • She uses a Neiman Marcus personal shopper to help her find her size, retrieve the clothes and bring items to the dressing room for her to try on.
  • Newt will regularly accompany Callista on her shopping sprees, but he has no interest in perusing. A Neiman Marcus employee said Newt brings the latest novel he's reading to keep him occupied. It's so funny because Newt will come in here, and no matter where he is, he could be in the middle of an aisle, he's got a book up in front of his face, the employee said.
  • Though Callista might not be everyone's favorite, one sales clerk called Newt a nice guy. Another said that they're so nice and personable when they come in.

Some might ask why Callista Gingrich, who reportedly once had a $500,000 credit line at Tiffany & Co. five years ago, would shop in Virginia and not travel to the shopping mecca that is New York?

New York may be the shopping capital of the world, a sales clerk told Coppins, but we get the real money in here.

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