USD trading has settled above $74 since early trading, with a decrease in the volume of trading in financial markets, with the absence of the USA in the markets; celebrating the Memorial Day, and expectations of the USD fluctuations will remain during today's trading.

The USDIX is currently trading around 74.89 recording an intraday high of 75.01 and a low of 74.75.

The euro fell against the USD in early trading with fears dominating the markets because of the sovereign debt crisis, especially aftertheGreekPrimeMinisterGeorge Papandreou saidthat hewilldeclarenew austerity measuresafter failingtoget supportfrom theopposition Party,the opposition leaderAntonisSamaras, the leader ofthe DemocraticParty, has opposed the new plan presentedbyPapandreouduring themeeting, which was held in Athens with the opposition leaders.

The pair opened trading at 1.4321 recording an intraday high of 1.4325 and a low of 1.4255, and is expected to keep rising to reach 1.4455, given it settles above 1.4150.

The pound fell against the USD to 1.6465 despite the lack of fundamentals issued by the royal economy, which is absent today celebrating the first day of spring, and the investors are expecting a quite week from the UK that will unveil the readings of industrial, services and construction activities during last month, with expectations about a slowdown in the pace of economic growth in these sectors.

The pair is currently trading around 1.6360 recording an intraday high of 1.6511 and a low of 1.6455, technically the pair is expected to rise to reach 1.6650 levels but it has to settle above 1.6350..

The USD/JPY pair's trading settled around 80.80 since today morning with a decline in the volume of trading in the markets, which caused it to fluctuate around the level mentioned above, the pair opened today at 80.72 recording an intraday high of 80.94 and a low of 80.71.