Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris enjoyed a year of dating before going through a very messy breakup.

At first, the couple tried to keep things civil and even said nice things about each other after parting ways. But after Swift was spotted dating actor Tom Hiddleston, and after the two musicians had a tiff about the song “This Is What You Came For,” things started to get messy.

Harris blasted Swift on social media, even going so far as to involve her nemesis Katy Perry. But after the dust had settled, Harris regretted his actions, so he is now trying to make amends.

According to Teen Vogue, there have been rumors that Swift and Harris have been texting each other again. Though it seems unlikely for them to get back together, at least they might become friends again.

Harris even mentioned her while talking about “This Is What You Came For” on his Twitter page: “I am blessed to work with incredible artists @rihanna @taylorswift13. Thank you!!!”

Meanwhile, Swift has other music projects coming up. The country music group Little Big Town released their new song “Better Man” recently and revealed that it was penned by Swift.

The lyrics go: “I know I’m probably better off on my own / Than loving a man who didn’t know what he had when he had it / And I see the permanent damage you did to me / Never again, I just wish I could forget when it was magic.”

People immediately started speculating that the song might be about Harris, according to E! News. However, a source told the publication that the song was written years ago — way before Swift even got together with Harris.