Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. announced today that it has come to terms with ABC Family for the national distribution of “PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON.” ABC Family will be airing the animated classic during its yearly smash success, “The 25 Days of Christmas.” “PUFF” is based on the hit song by folk stars Peter, Paul and Mary and is the story of Jackie Draper, a shy boy who learns the value of courage from his friend, Puff. This annual event by ABC Family airs from December 1 to December 25 and is widely regarded as the biggest programming event of the year.

While the special event hasn’t been owned by ABC Family, a division of Walt Disney, throughout the entirety, it has been airing annually since 1996. Fox and The Family Channel were the predecessors to ABC Family in airing the month-long special. Other regulars on the programming list throughout the years have included “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys,” the “Home Alone” series, “The Santa Clause” (Parts II and III), “The Polar Express,” “Jack Frost” (1998 film), “Jingle All the Way” and many more.

“PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON is a classic fable that will never grow old,” commented Jeffrey Giles, Camelot VP, Sales and Distribution. “We are enthusiastic that ABC Family will continue to tell the story during one of its biggest programming events of the year.”

Shares of CMGR, which closed yesterday at $.0028, have screamed north today up to $.09 for gains totaling nearly 3,400% on massive volume with 30 minutes left in the trading day.

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