The iPhone's camera App is one of the more unpolished aspects of the iPhone.  However, the much awaited iOS 5 due in the 4th Quarter of 2011 should hopefully bring some change and improvements to it.

No matter what the resulting changes iOS 5 makes, there is always Camera+ that we can turn to.  Camera+ is by far one of the stand out camera Apps I have tried.  This app improved on virtually every aspect of the in built camera App.

This App review comes with a warm story about one of the App's co-developers. Lisa Bettany's skating partner accidentally dropped her on the ice eight years ago.  She had a backbreaking injury which took her 7 years to recover from.  During her recovery, Bettany - an avid photography and tech buff - dived further into her passions and eventually partnered software developer "Tap Tap Tap" to develop Camera+.  In less than a year, the App generated 2 million dollars in sales (after Apple's 30% cut), with Betthany's share being a sweet 20% of that.  The 29 years old is understandably overjoyed at the Apps continuing success and her new found financial freedom - Her mom was still paying her rent until she started getting paid in August 2010.

I think a lot of Camera+ features were influence by Betthany's love and knowledge for photography.  She has some great photos taken with Camera+ on her blog.

Here are some of what I like about Camera+:

Start up - First Impressions are everything.  The Camera+ App starts up fast, in my opinion, much faster than the native Camera App.

Taking Photos - Taking photos has always been easy.  But with Camera+ you can set the auto focus and auto exposure levels on the screen.  No more underexposed shots.

The other compliments to help you take better shots include:

  • Image Stabilizer
  • Timer
  • Burst Shooting (Hold to continually shoot multiple pics)

Post Photography Editing - This is the topping for this App's features.  You can either send the photos directly to the in built Lightbox for editing or send them to the camera roll to be imported later.

In Camera+ lightbox - you can create impose scenes on a photo - similar - to any DSLR camera - they have scenes like:

  • Sunset
  • Portrait
  • Beach
  • Scenera
  • Text

You can also adjust the photo by rotating left or right, flip horizontally or vertically, crop manually or with preset aspects ratios to perfect your pic.  As if that was not enough, there are effects and borders to add that extra zest for your photos.

As you may expect, your photos can be shared directly to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, sms, or email.


Camera+ is my official go-to App for taking photos on the iPhone.  I never needed to crop or edit my photos before, however, with Camera+, my photo library has a better proportion of well shot photos.  Now, I just cannot go without it.  I only wish it could take videos, so I don't have to rotate between apps for videos ad photos.

Camera+ is now available on the App Store for $0.99 (limited time only). So grab it before the app reverts to the original price ($1.99)!


The original post was published here: Camera+ Improves Every Aspect of the iPhone Camera