Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) may be chipping away at Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) user base with its services, which are now competing more directly with Google’s.

While Google may tout its massive email service, which, by its own measure and the measure of comScore, has surpassed all others to become the world’s biggest email supplier, Microsoft may be able to take that position away with its new site.

Microsoft’s Hotmail email service used to be, and for the moment could still be considered, one of the most popular email clients. Despite this, Hotmail didn’t receive quite the same attention from Microsoft as Gmail did from Google. In its neglected state, Hotmail still ranked third among email clients, topped only by Gmail and Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO). In December, comScore showed Gmail having 306 million users, Yahoo with 293 million, and Hotmail with 267 million.

So, Microsoft still had a little ways to go to catch up with the competitors. Lucky for it, the new saw 60 million users sign up during its preview period, with a third of them also being Gmail users. From now until summer, Microsoft will be moving over its Hotmail users to Outlook, and could overtake Gmail in doing so.

With the numbers rising for Microsoft’s Outlook, other connected and related services may also see a rise, like its Bing search — which had a 16.5 percent share of searches in December, compared to Google’s 67 percent — or Sky Drive. These services would stand in direct competition to those offered by Google, and a strong user base could tip the scales. It may even help boost the popularity of Microsoft’s mobile devices.

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