blgJames Politi of the Financial Times writes a very in-depth and worthwhile read in his article entitled America: Paydown Problems. He points out that the climate in Washington is contentious and the battle brewing is intense as calls for action are:....igniting what some say is the fiercest debate over fiscal and budgetary policy in decades.

He continues: The risks are big. If the government rushes into austerity, cutting too much and too quickly, it could stunt economic recovery. But if the political system cannot forge some kind of consensus on steps to restore US deficits to sustainable levels, the danger is potentially even greater: a sovereign debt crisis in the world's largest economy.

I agree! That is why I called it threading the needle. I don't know about you, but I am going to add to my physical gold holdings, buy gold, buy numismatic silver and enjoy this gold bull market while I watch in interest. Join me, won't you at Lear Capital!