//cdn.content.compendiumblog.com/uploads/user/64f9471c-6a7f-4688-913f-4fb5fcd0a3d1/a3ba35ca-5643-4e56-91ac-ebd6b513335f/Image/bfdb52321612499ebd3e5836e8463024_w640.jpegSure you can. The whirring of helicopter blades from the helipad, that is. Chuck Butler of EverBank heard the whirring too this morning after the Federal Reserve released their June meeting notes yesterday. It was reported in the Wall Street Journal here. Chuck Butler had this to say about it:   

Well... I participated in a planning call for my paid subscriber newsletter The Currency Capitalist, yesterday. And while talking to the other participants, I explained my thoughts about a double dip, and soon we would hear the Fed talking about additional stimulus... And about 20 minutes after the call was over, the Fed's FOMC meeting minutes printed, and guess what?


Let me read the words of the Wall Street Journal... Federal Reserve policy makers raised the possibility at last month's rate-setting meeting that further monetary stimulus may be needed if the economy shows more serious signs of slowing, according to meeting minutes.


Meanwhile, Fed officials rolled back their U.S. economic outlook for the first time in more than a year, saying a soft job market will restrain growth.


Now... I bet you are sitting there saying to yourself, self... How did Chuck know that we were going to need more stimulus when the Gov't and President kept telling us how good were doing?

I'm with Chuck! Helicopter money. You have heard me mention this many times before. The antidote? Buy gold! It is easy to produce helicopter money - it is NOT easy to produce real money - physical gold at Lear Capital. As an example, from Random History: To produce an ounce of gold requires 38 man hours, 1400 gallons of water, enough electricity to run a large house for ten days, and chemicals such as cyanide, acids, lead, borax, and lime. In order to extract South Africa's yearly output of 500 tons of gold, nearly 70 million tons of earth are raised and milled.