Figures have shown that investment in commercial real estate bounced back in Canada last year.

The market recorded its strongest performance in three years - measuring 11.1% on the REALpac/IPD Canada Annual Property Index.This result came after a negative return in 2009 of -0.3%, and 2008's figure of 3.7%.Last year's annual total return was boosted by 4% capital growth and an income return of 6.5%.

The index measured directly held commercial real estate of 97 billion Canadian dollars (£60 billion) at the end of last year.Simon Fairchild, managing director of IPD North America, said: A rebound in property values was entirely responsible for boosting the total return back into double-digit territory in 2010.

The return to capital growth last year follows two consecutive years of write-downs worth 9.3% at the all property level.Retail's total return of 15.6% made it the top sector. This was followed by Industrial at 8.8%, Offices at 8.5% and Residential at 7.6%.

Source: Press Association