FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Inflation at consumer level has continued moderating its year on year growing pace in December in Canada, although the Core CPI remains at the same level than in November, according to figures by Statistics Canada.

Consumer prices have grown at a 1.2% year on year pace in December, down from the 2.0% pace posted in November, with gasoline prices being the largest deflationary contributor. From November to December, consumer prices have declined at a 0.4% level.

The largest deflationary contributions came from gasoline prices, 25.8% below the level in December last year, while food prices continued growing, 7.3% up year on year in December.

The Bank of Canada´s Core CPI has remained growing at a 2.4% year on year pace in December, the same increase as in November, while month on month the Core CPI has remained flat.