FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - After a weak performance in October, manufacturing sales have posted a larger than expected increase in November, fuelled by rises in petroleum and coal products, according to data released by National Statistics.

Manufacturing sales have risen 1.1% in November from October, following a 0,1% increase in the previous months. Sales have risen by $573 million to $50.600 million, the increase of rising prices in both products did have a good deal of responsibility on November's increase since on constant dollars, the monthly rise would have been 0.1%.

The industrial product price index rose 0.6% for the first time in seven months, while sales of non-durable goods rose 1.6% in November. New orders bounced back to a 8.1% rise putting an end to a negative trend which extended throughout most of the 2007 year, same as unfilled factory orders, that increased 4.9% for the first time in three months.