Police in Los Angeles are in contact with Canadian officials to determine if Luka Rocco Magnotta -- the Canadian Psycho who allegedly murdered his gay lover before being apprehend in Germany -- was involved in the death and decapitation of a victim in Hollywood earlier this year.

Our detectives are contacting their counterparts in Canada and to see if suspect was in Hollywood at the time, LAPD spokesman Lyle Knight told ABC News. It's an open investigation. Our detectives are trying to see if there is a connection.

On Jan. 17, a woman was walking her dog in Hollywood when she discovered the severed head of Harvey Medelin. Police later discovered the 66-year-old's hands and feet in the same area; however, they were unable to recover the rest of the body. His remains were found near the famous Hollywood sign.

Any time you're investigating something, you see something similar, of course you're going to be in contact, said Officer Bruce Borihanh, a spokesman with the LAPD, reported the Winnipeg Free Press. You try and share information as much as you can.

The New York Observer uncovered a Facebook post that allegedly links Magnotta to Southern California around the time Medelin was murdered. A man identifying himself as Luka Magnotta, who claims to have lived in Russia and is fluent in English and French, posted several messages saying he was offering massages. He posted a phone number with an area code found in Los Angeles.

Tell Alex not to give it to anyone this time. We have an appointement (sic) at 2 a.m. Make sure your profile is on lockdown!LOL, Raymond knows how to screen the apointments (sic) good, so we are prepared. If anyone f---- with me, then they will be getting a huge surprise!-Luka Magnotta, wrote the user on Facebook.

The man who owns the phone number is discussing the incident with police.

It's my understanding from the police and others that he's posted several phony pages, said the man, who asked not to be identified to prevent further harassment, reported The Star. I've never met the guy and haven't got the slightest idea why he would give out this number.

While Magnotta is still waiting to be extradited to Canada, he remains in German custody; however, Canadian police are also investigating his connection to several to body parts that were sent to two elementary schools in Vancouver on Tuesday.

Canadian authorities were unable to confirm if the body parts were from Magnotta's victim, Chinese student Jun Lin, who's hand and foot were discovered last week when they were mailed to the Conservative and Liberal Party headquarters. Lin's torso was discovered in a suitcase, the Associated Press reported.

You know how it works, said Montreal police Const. Anie Lemieux, the Vancouver Sun reported. It will take some time for tests to analyze what was found in Vancouver and to see if there is any connection with the case in Montreal.

Vancouver police said that the package containing what appeared to be a human hand was sent to False Creek Elementary School around 1 p.m. local time. A package containing a human foot was discovered by the staff at St. George's private school.  

Students at False Creek Elementary were evacuated.

Obviously there was excitement for the students because [the police cars] were visible to the students and also there were media vans, said, Larissa Warrington, the chairwoman of the False Creek elementary Parents' Advisory Committee, reported the Vancouver Sun. There was curiosity for sure but just curiosity.

However, the mail room at St. George's is isolated, away from students and staff. Therefore it was easy for administrators to call police without alerting students.

There was no other involvement of students or faculty and that's obviously our primary concern, said school spokesman Gordon C. Allan, reported the Vancouver Sun. We have been advised by the VPD that as far as they're concerned this is totally random. ... We're doing our own digging to make sure that is the case.

The fact that the [packages] were sent to False Creek elementary and St. George's, I mean these are totally disconnected schools. So there's no rhyme or reason to it.

One of the packages was sent to Vancouver General Hospital for tests and to be examined by a forensic pathologist to help identify the remains.

If it's what we fear it is, it's highly suspicious, B.C. Coroner's Office spokeswoman Barbara McLintock said, reported the Vancouver Sun.

We can make identifications reasonably quickly if we know who we think it is, but if we don't know who we might be looking for, then it's very difficult, she continued, reported News 1130.

Vancouver Deputy Police Chief Warren Lemcke said that at this time, it does not appear that any children at the school were targets.

There is no indication any student or staff has been targeted at any school, Lemcke said, reported the AP. This must have been a very traumatic incident for all involved in the schools involved in opening the packages and the Vancouver Police Department will assist any way we can with our victims services section.

He also said that the investigation into the packages will be handled by Vancouver's Major Crimes division. They will focus on identifying the victim and from where the packages were mailed. Investigators will liaise with any outside police agencies as required, reported News1130.

Kurt Heinrich, of Vancouver's school board, said that none of the students saw the packages. False Creek Elementary and St. George's school will be open tomorrow at regular school hours.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson reacted to the findings at Vancouver's schools. In a statement obtained by News1130, he said he is confident that VPD will be able to track down the culprit.

Both as Mayor and as a father, I find today's events at False Creek Elementary and St. George's School to be deeply disturbing and repugnant, and the VPD will have my full support at every stage of this investigation, he said. The police investigation is still in its early stages, but it is my hope that justice for these acts will be delivered swiftly. My thoughts are with the staff, parents and students of each school community.

The chief suspect in this case is the Canadian Psycho, Luka Rocco Magnotta, who allegedly dismembered a Chinese student in Montreal before fleeing to Europe. He was caught by German officials in Berlin on Monday and will appear before a German court in order to begin the extradition process back to Canada.

On Monday, Magnotta was arrested in an Internet café in Berlin. The owner of the café recognized him from photos in the newspaper and immediately informed police, reported the Associated Press. The owner of the café said that Magnotta had spent most of the time on the computer searching for details of his manhunt and looking at nude photos of himself on his personal website and his email account.

I wasn't sure if it was him but then I looked at some pictures and thought that is definitely him. He spoke French, said 'monsieur' and wanted to use the internet, cafe owner, Kadir Anlayisli, told Reuters.

Magnotta was issued a red notice by Interpol, after they issued a warning in Europe. This is the highest type of warning, and under the Interpol rules, the suspect must be held in custody until his extradition. However, Canada and Germany have a bilateral extradition treaty. This process is thought to be more a formality, reported the AP.

Police said he did not put up a struggle when he was arrested. He tried to give a fake name to arresting officers, but conceded.

In the end he just said: 'You got me,' said police spokesman Guido Busch told BBC.

Montreal Police Commander Ian Lafreniere said that investigators were happy with the arrest and eager for Magnotta to face Canadian court.

We said from the beginning that the web has been used to glorify himself and we believe the web brought him down, he said, the BBC reported. He was recognized because his photo was everywhere.

Magnotta is believed to have arrived in France on May 26. French police had investigated thousands of tips from their citizens. They concluded he could be headed to Germany on a Eurolines coach bus, reported Reuters. They alerted their German counterparts to be on the lookout.

Magnotta faces first-degree murder charges in connection with the grisly videotaped death of 32-year-old Chinese student Jun Lin, Reuters reported. He also reportedly consumed parts of his victim before Lin's dismembered body was found in parcels and mailed to Canada's Conservative and Liberal Party headquarters. Authorities also believe Lin's throat was slashed and that he was stabbed several times by Magnotta before he was decapitated and dismembered. Lin and Magnotta had a prior romantic relationship, the Daily Mail reported.

In a homicide case like this, having images of the crime is very rare, said Lafreniere at a news conference on Friday. Media around the world have circulated his [Magnotta's] photograph, the media have been talking about this ... so I'm very hopeful that all that assistance will help us put him behind bars.

After murdering Lin, authorities claim that Magnotta fled the country. They believed France was his first stop, reported the Daily Mail.

He's obsessed with the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge and is confident that he can lie low in a country he loves, an unidentified police officer in France said.