Ever since the Silent Hills video game project was canceled, fans wondered what the ninth “Silent Hill” installment could have looked like. Fortunately, they don’t need to wonder anymore as the early pitch that Climax Studios made for Konami has now been leaked, and it gives fans of the defunct franchise access to the game that could have been.

Just last Saturday, PtoPOnline uploaded the lost pitch of the “Silent Hill” project that was supposed to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 console a decade ago. The video was reportedly made by Climax — known for “Silent Hill: Origins” and “Silent Hill: Shattered Memories” — in its attempt to realize a new entry for the horror series that was under the tutelage of Komani then, as per CGMagazine Online.

The gameplay clip is almost nine minutes long, and it shows the player roaming around an abandoned structure. The leaked clip looks unpolished, but GamesRadar explains that this is because the clip is a “vertical slice” or an unfinished demo that was made with the intent of pitching the product to publishers. The gaming site also noted that despite its unpolished design, the vertical slice of the canceled “Silent Hill” game still manages to present the essentials for the survival horror game, such as the maze-like levels, enemies, puzzles and other gimmicks.

The ninth “Silent Hill” installment was supposed to center on a priest protagonist called Father Hector Santos, who finds his way to a spooky town in Arizona after leaving his home in El Paso, Texas to find his niece, Anna, who has called him for help, VG 24/7 has learned. Santos was supposed to combat longtime series antagonist Alessa, who has apparently spread Silent Hill to other towns.

Since the pitch did not progress into becoming the next-in-line “Silent Hill” game while the series was still alive, Climax reportedly dropped the “Silent Hill” name and pitched it to publishers under a new name, “Broken Covenant.” But even with the name change, the team’s work still failed to come to fruition.

The Silent Hills project was canceled in April 2015, with Konami confirming that it has terminated the planned ninth installment for the franchise. Konami also emphasized back then that it was “committed” to bringing new “Silent Hill” titles, but the one it was developing with Guillermo del Toro that was supposed to star the likeness of Norman Reedus was discontinued, as reported by GameSpot at the time.

The cancellation was announced amid rumors that the project’s director, Hideo Kojima, was planning on leaving the Japanese publisher. The rumors then turned out to be true when Kojima officially left Konami in December that year when his non-compete clause officially ended, according to Polygon.