Cannabis Science Inc., a pharmaceutical cannabis company in the US, today announced progress in its Analytical Lab Division at Cannabis Science.

Cannabis Science Inc., President & CEO, Dr. Robert Melamede Ph.D., stated, “As a patient oriented company located in a state with effective medical marijuana laws, we are able to study the medical production and use of cannabis in a variety of modalities. At the core of this research, we are working with patients producing top grade medical cannabis as the starting point for extracts and formulations to treat the many disease states that cannabinoids positively impact. Efficient, stable propagation and quality control of the starting material and downstream processes are essential to this progress.”

Dr. Robert Melamede continued, “The Colorado Medical Marijuana Community provides a diverse population to conduct preliminary trials of our products. As patients, we have direct and open communication with the community. With our new discussion forum and this local involvement, we have a resource in our community for testing our products.”

In conclusion, Dr. Melamede stated, “Our platform introduces innovative combinations for medical cannabis use. Each uses a specific formulation and delivery method that will be used downstream in final testing in human clinical trials. Once our cannabis strains are selected for specific ailments, those formulations can be applied to oral, digestive, transdermal, and pulmonary delivery routes to combat specific age-related illnesses or other disease states we are interested in targeting, such as PTSD, chronic pain, and influenza. At Cannabis Science we believe we will provide a new era of reliable, safe and effective cannabis medicines.”