Cannabis Science Inc., an emerging pharmaceutical cannabis company, was pleased to announce this morning that it has signed an agreement with Leading Points Corp. to represent its products, services and initiatives to various government and military agencies. Leading Points is led by its founder who retains 20 years of service as an active duty commissioned officer to establish and secure mutually beneficial relationships between its clients and the military and government markets.

Leading Points Corporation, Founder and President, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Sullivan, stated, “We are in the process of rolling out a phased strategy that initially calls for Leading Points Corporation to work with key decision makers in the 14 U.S. States where the legislatures have approved the use of whole cannabis, the natural product, for medicinal use. Next, we will represent the company in respect to a number of federal initiatives and to insure that they are positioned to support the development of any federal programs through clinical studies, education and treatment. Our primary task is to raise awareness and educate state and federal agencies about Cannabis Science and how remarkably effective medicinal cannabis has proven to be in terms of chronic pain management for Veterans, as well as those suffering from PTSD and other severe medical conditions.”

Dr. Robert Melamede, Cannabis Science Inc. President and CEO, commented, “We are looking forward to working Leading Points to use our recently acquired CAGE Code for governmental contracts. Leading Points understands the tremendous potential for Cannabis Science’s extract-based medicines to help relieve the suffering of people, especially our military personnel. We will carry out clinical trials to demonstrate that the physical (chronic pain) and emotional conditions (PTSD) of those in need can be improved with our formulations. Those who have fought for freedom and have sacrificed so much to protect the freedoms that are the basis of our country have, more than anyone else, earned the right to the benefits provided by this plant. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years because of its unique ability to enhance the health promoting properties of the human endocannabinoid system. We believe that we are on the forefront of the medical cannabis revolution.”

Lt. Col. Sullivan added, “With the introduction in Congress of bills such as HR 2835, we see a new openness within the federal government to allow the limited and appropriate use of cannabis under a doctor’s supervision. We believe our veterans should have the maximum number of treatments available to them, especially with cannabis’ proven effectiveness in assisting veterans struggling with chronic and phantom limb pain, sleep disturbance, brain injuries, PTSD, anxiety and depression. As Cannabis Science continues to expand its Veterans PTSD Program aimed at gaining traction with those agencies that represent a military veteran demographic consisting of over 23 million Americans we see that as a major focal point to gain government support. Our company is headquartered in Centennial, Colorado and please visit for more information about us.”

Dr. Melamede concluded, “With the addition of Leading Points to our team we expect some rapid advancement with our Veterans PTSD Program, which is designed to test the efficacy of our cannabis extract-based oral medicine to provide immediate relief of the negative consequences of PTSD in our military veterans. A critical first step will be carried out by Dr. Mitch Earleywine (State University of New York (SUNY Albany, SAB) the first member of the Cannabis Science Scientific Advisory Board. He will conduct a Veterans survey regarding the use of medical marijuana for PTSD. The results of this survey will provide us with human data that we expect will assist twofold in our efforts with the FDA and other governmental agencies to fast track our PTSD and our Flu project.”