When i 1st found out I was pregnant, I was 18 yrs old and in a size 5. That is the smallest I had ever been, and the way things are going ever be. Typically I was around a 9 or 10.

Anyway I found that wonderful diet pill that contained ephedra and man did it work wonders for me! I was losing weight at a healthy pace, I had energy that I had lacked before, I was happy AND my hair was thick! Then it was decided that Ephedra was no longer a good thing, and I was really bummed because after I had my son I was in a size 12 and all the excercising and dieting in the world would not allow me to lose the weight. I had climed all the way up to a size 24W, I was always tired and my hair was falling out! Which by the way it hasn't stopped falling out.

I just know if I could have the Ephedra again I could definately lose all the excess weight and I know my self-esteem would greatly improve. I don't understand why they would take something away from us that helps us so much. Why not make tobacco illegal? I'm a smoker, but still why make Ephedra illegal because it's unsafe but allow tobacco to be used when it's not good for you either? It makes no sense to me, and I am positive there are millions out there asking the same question.

Please please please let us have this! I am a member of Curves and I have been for over a year, yes I did lose some weight and some inches, but I need that extra boost. It's like my body is saying No, I refuse to lose anymore!!! It's frustrating and depressing! Especially when I'm out trying to buy clothes that'll fit my ever expanding mid section. No I'm not pregnant but I sure look like it! And that is depressing, please give us the Ephedra back, please!

Any tips on losing weight without drugs?