Luxury Spas: Larger than life-that's the vibe of Vegas. 

On my last trip to Sin City, life felt beyond grand at the newly

renovated Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian and Palazzo Hotel.  Nestled

between the hotels, a few floors above the bustling casinos and opulent

lobbies, Canyon Ranch is just massive-a serene, secret city where calm

attendants and happy guests glide through the Spa Treatment Boutique,

Canyon Ranch Café, and numerous experience spaces. Frankly, I could

have stayed a day in each one of those experience rooms.  The Wave

Room, a co-ed domed room imitating the rhythm of crashing waves, was

one of my favorites, as well as the Experiential Rains, where one can

feel the thunder of a Caribbean Storm or Tropical Rain.  Or if

you're in the mood for something icy, one can play in the Snow Cave,

where snow falls lightly from the sky.  True to Vegas style, who needs

to travel the world when it's all right there on the Strip?  Or in

Canyon Ranch's case, all in one fabulous facility.

Once I

sampled sea salt to snow flakes, it was time for my treatment:  The

Absolute Custom Facial.  Like most women, I don't have a single type

of skin-I have dry areas, oily areas, little imperfections, some

wrinkles, etc, and I was delighted that this 80 minute facial would be

customized by a pro esthetician; a charming British lady with flawless

skin, who would take the time to map my whole face.  I'm not sure

exactly what happened during those 80 minutes of bliss, but I do know

my esthetician worked meticulously with the high-tech Clarisonic skin

care brush, a sonic contraption that literally vibrates out residue and

build-up deep within your skin.  It was painless and effective.  I know

my skin was massaged and caressed with some of the spa's finest

products, and I was fretting thinking how I would remember each serum,

moisturizer or whatnot.  Canyon Ranch, however, doesn't forget its

guests-my esthetician presented me with a whole run down of the 10 or

so products she used just for me while escorting me back to the Locker


Bottomline:  The Strip offers dozens

of resort/hotel spas, and I've been to several.  Canyon Ranch takes the

trophy though for its size, luxury, exotic experiences, and unending

services to select from.  Next time I'm back in Vegas, I'll be sure to

make a stop at the Ranch. 

Learn more here or by calling 877-220-2688