World leader in the telecom information and logistics sector, Global Capacity, Inc. (GC) announced this morning the launch of a new, global tariff pricing system, GCPrice.

GCPrice will give direct access to GC’s massive database of prices and logistical information, allowing customers to scope and range telecom tariffs for Leased Line and Ethernet services in a real-time, high fidelity data environment. This database represents 75 carriers in 67 different countries, inputting over 5,000 discrete tariffs. With geographic and telecom location data points in excess of 10 million, this database represents the most comprehensive quotation development and point-of-sale information aggregating resource available online, capable of generating detailed reports for GC’s customers.

GC has a great deal of experience crafting integrated supply chain management systems and managing complex distributed data architectures, and offers its customers a one-stop-shop approach to telecom information and logistics. This Chicago, IL- based company has operating centers worldwide to address the needs of carrier customers, enterprises, and systems integrators.

Qatar Telecom Q.S.C. (Qtel), an emerging global player in this sector, based in Doha, Qatar, is but one of many signing on for the launch of GCPrice, GC’s most novel and innovative software-as-a-service (SAAS) product. Telecom and integrator needs to lower the Cost per Quotation (CPQ) when installing and replacing circuits can now be met simply by using the time- and labor-saving GCPrice. This leads to a reduction in overhead and an increase in capitalization potential.

Qtel’s CIO for Mid-east and Africa, Henok Kidane, spoke with pleasure about this expansion of the long-term relationship between QC and his company, saying this move would help Qtel grow “towards a position as one of the top twenty telecommunications companies in the world”. Qtel’s Senior Commercial Coordinator for data and interconnect, Saria Altaf, elaborated on the sentiment expressed by her colleague, indicating that “pricing-based resources” hadn’t kept pace with the “phenomenal growth in data movement capacity requirements in the Persian Gulf and this part of the world”.

GC’s Managing Director of Information Systems, Nigel Mecham, spoke of the true power of GCPrice for his company’s customers, explaining that “an accurate understanding of tariff rates is the foundation of access pricing in the global market”. Mecham is also co-founder of Magenta netLogic, a UK-based software services group, whose intellectual property is a vital factor in GC’s global knowledge engine and overall capacity. Mecham went on to say that GCPrice constitutes a simple and cost-effective solution for his company’s customers that would allow them to eliminate “multiple systems and manual processes”, help them attract more business, and substantially streamline their overall workflow.