Global Capacity, Inc., a subsidiary of Capital Growth Systems, Inc., a worldwide leader in telecom logistics, announced today that the US-based wireless access provider HeraMAX has selected Global Capacity to support new product launches by acting as its designated network vendor of choice.

The robust scalability offered by Global Capacity’s fully-managed “One Marketplace” (OMP) platform offers a network solution for HeraMAX which constitutes unprecedented optimization and configurability, while reducing operating and access costs despite the greatly improved flexibility of the network’s route design.

Founder and COO of HeraMAX Nathan Nelson was pleased with the selection of Global Capacity as solution provider for multi region access needs, and he was keen to point out how this move would allow HeraMAX to focus on “core competencies and customer service”, while Global Capacity exploits its vast infrastructure to simplify networking, information and logistical support.

Nelson hailed the OMP platform as the ideal solution for launching new business, citing speed of delivery and overall reliability as keys to success.

HeraMAX will acquire connectivity and data-movement from Global Capacity via the OMP network, as well as 24/7 support for network operations and expansions from Global Capacity’s facilities in major cities throughout the US.

This scalable, standalone solution is cheaper, more efficient and easier to manage as the business grows, when compared to traditional large, complex network architectures which require extensive micromanagement.

The launch of HeraMAX’s innovative new wireless package throughout the US this year will prove to be a great opportunity for the OMP product to prove its value, both to new customers and to investors, and the partnership will drastically improve HeraMAX’s operational efficiency, according to Global Capacity CTO Greg Hough.

Hough was quick to point out how this partnership would highlight the dramatic benefits of the OMP product, allowing for rapid service deployment and concerted attenuation of the business model by HeraMAX as they expand into new markets, while Global Capacity “manages the network”.