CHDT Corp. released news today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Capstone Industries, Inc., has received an order from a major regional mass merchandiser for the company’s C-Lite wireless motion sensor light and the Midi Eco-i-Lite multi-functional power failure products. Hitting the stores in late February, the products will be prominently displayed on endcaps.

Reid Goldstein, President of Capstone Industries, remarked, “The placement of two of our newest items into another one of our retail partners continues to build a solid foundation for our Company’s continued revenue growth. This 1st quarter is shaping up to be our best one to date.”

The C-Lite is battery operated and can easily be installed on the ceiling or wall. The wireless motion sensor light automatically turns on when movement is detected. Users choose how long the motion sensor light stays on after movement is detected, or it can be set for 60 seconds, 90 seconds or as long as 120 seconds. Besides the motion sensor mode, the function switch gives the option of having it also in the Light position, which means the light remains on continuously. Popular uses for the device include using it as a bedside motion sensor light or an under-the-bed motion sensor light.

Alternatively, the Midi Eco-i-Lite is a medium-sized multi-function power failure light and uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery as its power source. The device includes 4 LED bulbs and an LED nightlight that turns on automatically in the dark. Environmentally friendly, the product requires no battery or bulb change; it has no metal contacts, is water resistant, and simply slides in and out of its induction-charging base. This lightweight and compact light is convenient for every room in the house, large marine craft, recreational vehicles, or planes with 120V.