Capstone Turbine, – the global leader in low-emission MicroTurbine® systems, reported an order for an additional 6 MWs today from the same independent oil and gas developer it just received a 3 MW order from last month.

The follow-on order is for six more of the Company’s tried and true C1000 Power Packages, and will be utilized at the Eagle Ford Shale play in South Texas to augment the developer’s power needs, a clear dynamic which will likely produce more purchases in 2011 as demands increase.

The Company’s distributor, Pumps and Service, managed to secure both contracts and has developed a great working relationship with the exploration and production company.

This is good business for CPST and also a great opportunity to generate organic buzz within the industry for the Company’s revolutionary microturbines.

President of Pumps and Service, Sam Henry, explained that the developer already knew Capstone microturbines were the alpha dog when it comes to hunting down optimum performance and reliability targets, especially in a round-the-clock power situation.

Capstone has already shipped over 5k of its award-winning microturbines to satisfied clients around the world, logging millions of documented runtime hours, and the Company is a member of the US EPA’s Combined Heat and Power Partnership, the tip of the spear in the battle for domestic sustainable infrastructure development.
This order further validates CPST’s role as a leader in cleantech power generation.

Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for CPST, Jim Crouse, affirmed the Company’s growing reputation within the oil and gas industry, citing accelerating sales of the C1000 as justification.

Crouse offered insights into the psychology of oil and gas developers, detailing their balancing act between EPA standards and the need for rock-solid performance from a reliable power source, explaining that many companies have quickly come to realize that CPST systems are the perfect solution.