Hugo Weaving Hugo Weaving opens up about his potential future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and "Captain America 3." Photo: Reuters

With the chance to talk to former “Captain America: The First Avenger” star Hugo Weaving, the press didn’t miss the opportunity to ask him about his involvement in future Marvel films. Weaving is on a press tour for his new drama, “The Mule,” but did take a minute to talk about some possibilities in the future of the Marvel Universe.

Now that the comic book studio has announced its roster of movies through 2019, many are looking ahead to 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War.” Of particular interest is whether or not the franchise will address the disappearance of its most enigmatic villain – The Red Skull.

Skull is perhaps the most iconic bad guy for the patriotic super soldier in the comic books, which is what made him the perfect choice for the character’s introduction in “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Weaving brought an especially potent menace to the role, but it ended very quickly, with the Skull vanishing into a cosmic portal created by the tesseract. It’s unclear if the creator of Hydra is dead or simply biding his time for an appearance in an upcoming film.

“I have absolutely no idea,” the actor told The Hollywood Reporter. “I haven’t talked to anyone about it, so, yeah, we’ll just have to see. No idea at all. “

Weaving previously discussed the possibility of a future with the Marvel franchise, confessing that he did sign one of the studio’s famous multi-picture contracts. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll appear in more films, or that he even wants to.

“I don’t think Red Skull will be there.  And it’s not something I would want to do again.  I’m glad I did it,” he told Collider. “I did sign up for a number of pictures and I suppose, contractually, I would be obliged to, if they forced me to, but they wouldn’t want to force someone to do it, if they didn’t want to.  I think I’ve done my dash with that sort of film.”

It’s worth mentioning that, despite the character looming large over the Marvel comic-book universe, Red Skull doesn’t have a major role in the "Civil War" storyline from the source material. However, he does have a pretty sizeable role in the aftermath. Another possible point of ingress for The Red Skull could be found in Marvel’s bevy of cosmic movies in Phase 3. Skull was presumably sucked into the cosmos, so it’s possible he could be a problem for the Inhumans, Captain Marvel or even the Guardians of the Galaxy. Only time will tell. 

In the meantime, check out the trailer for Weaving's upcoming film "The Mule" below.