Scenes involving college students, professors and Congress members in “Captain America: Civil War” reportedly require extras. A casting announcement for the roles gives details about the jobs and how to apply. Meanwhile, cast member Frank Grillo has posted another picture of himself as Crossbones.

The movie revolves around new global legislation to regulate superhuman activity. A casting announcement posted on the BackStage website states that the producers are looking to cast extras for various roles in the movie. Applicants for the roles of senators, congressmen and congresswomen should be between ages 35 and 75 and should submit their photos in “suits and business attire.” Applications are also invited for the roles of congressional aides and assistants and people aged 21 to 40 can apply by submitting their photos in formal attire.

Men and women of all ethnicities are invited to pursue roles as police officers (ages 25 to 55), reporters and photographers (25 to 60), college students (18 to 30) and college professors (35 to 70). The selected applicants are expected to work as extras for “Captain America: Civil War” between June 14 and July 4 in Atlanta. Details about pay have not been mentioned in the announcement and applicants will have to sign up online in order to apply.

Meanwhile, cast member Frank Grillo has released another picture of him from the sets of the movie. The actor plays the villain Crossbones and will be facing fellow cast member Chris Evans in some of the action sequences. [Spoiler alert]

Grillo posted this picture of him as Crossbones on his Instagram account. The actor previously posted this picture online, announcing the completion of filming of the scenes in which his character is involved.