Leaked photos from the set of “Captain America: Civil War” continue to surface online. One photo reveals the name of a character who may die in the movie. Leaked photos also show the Winter Soldier in full costume for the first time and also reveal the costume of Cross Bones. [Spoiler alert]

Production of the next Marvel movie is continuing in full swing in Atlanta. This leaked photo, which is said to be from the set, reveals that Margaret “Peggy” Carter will die in the movie. The character will be played by Emily VanCamp. The actress was previously seen playing the role in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

Leaked photos reveal that a few action sequences were also filmed at the set involving a few major characters. This photo shows Steve Rogers in an action sequence in what may be a set depicting the fictitious African nation of Wakanda. This photo shows that he will be joined by Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie.

“Captain America: Civil War” will mark the return of Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier. This photo shows the character visiting what appears to be a grave. Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky, can be seen in full costume and bowing his head.

One major villain who will appear in the upcoming movie is Cross Bones, played by Frank Grillo. This photo shows the actor in full costume. Similar to the comic book costume, the actor can be seen wearing a black costume with a skull mask and an X mark on his chest.

Many fans expect that Steve Rogers will either die or retire in “Captain America: Civil War” and his shield will be handed over to another character, to carry on as the new superhero in the fight against evil. The movie is slated to be released May 6, 2016.

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