With the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continuing to expand, its two biggest heroes will find themselves at odds in this spring’s upcoming movie “Captain America: Civil War.” With young fans everywhere being forced to choose sides between the two former allies, Hasbro and the film studio are doing their part to draw lines in the sand by releasing new toys designed to help kids show their support for either Team Cap or Team Iron Man.

At this year’s Toy Fair 2016 in New York City, the Hasbro had all of its best “Captain America: Civil War” items on display. What the toy giant was most excited about was its new lineup of role playing items. For those looking to side with Captain America in the upcoming “Civil War” storyline, they can outfit themselves with some of the hero’s gear, including the Captain America Scope Vision Helmet (pictured above), which comes with a special targeting system to help even the odds against his high-tech nemesis. Little Cap supporters can further complete the look with a new Blaster Reveal Shield, which acts as a play on the character’s classic weapon by adding a small launcher that can fire totally safe Nerf darts.

Captain America Hasbro and Marvel Studios partnered to bring the Captain America Blaster Reveal Shield to young fans head of the "Captain America: Civil War" premiere in May. Photo: Hasbro

However, all is fair in fan love and civil war, so Iron Man supporters have a different but equally-matched way to outfit themselves for the big bout. Iron Man fans can suit up with the hero’s famous red and gold helmet, the Iron Man Tech FX Mask. The item comes complete with a retractable face-plate designed to work just like Tony Stark’s mask in the movie.

Captain America: Civil War Hasbro and Marvel Studios partnered to bring young fans the Iron Man Tech FX Mask. Photo: Hasbro

However, before thinking they’re outmatched in firepower, Team Iron Man supporters get a Nerf wrist-blaster of their own. The Iron Man Slide Blast Armor comes with a retractable arm-plate that works very similar to the hero’s high-tech wearables in the movie. Each item for both Team Cap and Team Iron Man is sold separately and priced at $19.99.

Captain America: Civil War The Iron Man Slide Blaster Armor piece is available ahead of the "Captain America: Civil War" premiere in May. Photo: Hasbro

As previously reported, while the main battle in the upcoming film is between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), each hero will lead a faction of previously-introduced Marvel characters to even the odds. If you or the child in your life isn’t necessarily a fan of either of the two main heroes, he or she can still get in on the fun with a mask featuring one of the other characters, such as Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) or War Machine (Don Cheadle). Each secondary character mask starts at $9.99.

Captain America: Civil War A Black Panther mask is available to purchase ahead of the "Captain America: Civil War" premiere in May. Photo: Hasbro

They can also outfit themselves for the cause with the more generic Mission Gear Blaster too, made without the cool retractable parts. They come in Iron Man, War Machine and Falcon varients. The cost is a little cheaper at $12.99.

Captain America: Civil War The War Mission Gear wrist blaster is available for fans on both Team Cap or Team Iron Man. Photo: Hasbro

While the wait for “Captain America: Civil War” to hit theaters is already agonizing, those interested in any of the above toys need to wait until they’re launched for retailers this spring.