Algerian sweets at La Bague de Kenza by Ted Drake

The smell of freshly baked bread in the morning is a personal favourite of mine, being able to have that fresh lingering smell all day is even better! France make some of the best breads, including Brioche and Baguettes, so consider going for a long weekend and tasting some of the best that is out there.

1. Le Notre (10 rue Saint Antoine): This shops window displays are something to see for anyone going to Paris, admire the dense chocolate cake or sponge cake with strawberries and if you are daring enough, you must have some of the cakes made here!

2. Boulangepicier (73 Boulevard de Courcelles): This bakery, restaurant and shop is run by the master baker Eric Kayser. You must try the tasty bread pain aux figues (fig bread) which is one of the best.

3. Jean Pierre Cohier (270 rue Faubourg St-Honore): Established in 1969, Jean Pierre Cohier won the best baguette title in 2006. You'd be mad not to go there and try one of the best!

4. Le Grenier a Pain (30 rue des Abbesses): The décor in this place is rustic with many cakes and bread on display. A must try from Michel Galloyer is the almond and apricot bread and chocolate tart (and who doesn't like a chocolate tart?)

5. La Bague de Kenza (106 rue St Maur): Lastly, something a little different, this place has some Algerian connections and you can sample some traditional Algerian pastries here such as Makroudh which is filled with dates and almonds.

    You should be all breaded out by the time you are ready to come home. You will have tried some of Paris' finest breads and if you were feeling naughty, then a pastry or two!