In order for a breakthrough to take place, many things need to come into play first. Forward thinking, ingenuity, an almost unimaginable amount of compiled research and the technology assisting in making it all happen are just some. The advancements our society have made over the years with renewable energy, solar, wind and water power alone have greatly reduced our emissions. When each one of these things was introduced, they were considered “breakthroughs”. As each one was introduced to the world, nothing like it at the time had ever been done before. It was a leap forward.

But what about the concept of capturing the biggest, and most deadly waste product for the planet as we know it, carbon dioxide? In today’s time, it is feasible to conceive considering how far we have come in such a short time of modern existence. However, go back just 30 or even 40 years ago and carbon dioxide wasn’t even thought to be considered a threat, except by a select few in the scientific community. This type of forward thinking is considered a breakthrough, if it can be done.

Well this concept is now a reality because of Carbon Sciences, Inc. They have developed technology that not only captures carbon dioxide (CO2) or otherwise known as carbon emissions, but can turn it into gasoline and other fuels. The world emits close to 27 billion tons of Co2 annually. As an example, think of what could happen if just 15 to 20 percent of that was constantly being recycled? That would have a huge, positive impact on the world. It is big enough to turn heads. How about 435 of some of the most important heads in our country? The House of Representatives just passed a climate change bill that is considered by most to drastically change the energy footprint of our planet. If there ever was a time to perform due diligence on Carbon Sciences, Inc., it is right now.