Searching for a solution to a major global issue is often like searching for a needle in a hay stack. The problems are so large and seemingly insurmountable that they defy perception. If, however, a paradigm shift can occur, vast profit awaits. One of today’s largest and more pressing problems is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As difficult as it may appear, a paradigm shift may have just occurred with the ability to transform carbon dioxide into the very thing that caused it in the first place, fuel.

Carbon Sciences Inc., a development stage environmental sciences company, is working to develop a “bio-catalytic” process in which carbon dioxide (CO2) is transformed into methanol. Once the CO2 is transformed into a low-level fuel, such as methanol, it is then “built” into a higher-level fuel such as gasoline, jet fuel or another fuel form. A working prototype has recently been tested to demonstrate the viability of the technology.

Although the overall market for this type of technology is very large and wide ranging, its primary target market is that of coal fired power plants. The general concept is turning a waste by-product into a product itself. In a general sense, one is turning a pollution credit into a solid product all its own. The process is just getting underway with a prototype recently demonstrating that the process can work. If the company’s projections work as did the prototype, potentially 30% of the world’s liquid fuel needs could be met with the process.