Carbon Sciences Inc., a leading developer in technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, unveiled a new video that explains the inspiration for the company’s leading CO2-to-Fuel technology and their nano-engineering innovations.

Byron Elton, CEO, stated, “A video is worth a million words. The potential of our technology has been enthusiastically received since we announced it last year. This video helps people visualize the actual process and demystifies all the discrete innovations within our breakthrough technology.”

The six-minute video, “Carbon Sciences: A Breakthrough Technology to Recycle CO2 into Fuel”, takes viewers on a journey that explores the world of microorganisms and describes their natural processes that allow CO2 to transform into fuel molecules. This video also discloses Carbon Science’s mechanism that allows the company to mimic nature on an industrial scale by using their patent-pending Smart Particle Technology.

Smart Particles are CO2 to fuel reactors that incorporate a number of Carbon Sciences’ innovations including:

(1) Low energy enzyme-based biocatalytic process
(2) Proprietary enzyme encapsulation technology

The video is available for public viewing on YouTube: and on the company’s website