Ohio State University Buckeyes Cardale Jones tried to pull a “May Fools” joke, except it didn’t go over so well with his fans. The college athlete tricked his followers into thinking he was leaving OSU for Akron when he tweeted about a “new beginning.”

“It was a rough decision but I think it's best for me, like to thank OSU for this amazing opportunity but my time here has came to an end,” he wrote Friday. The post was quickly liked and shared thousands of times by his 165,000 followers. Then he tweeted “Zip Nation,” which was supposed to mean he was transferring to Akron University.

Moments later, he revealed it was all a gag, a “May fools” joke, which isn’t even a thing. “Well someone had to add a spark to your timeline,” Jones, 22, said. “No nation be like #BuckeyeNation.”

But people weren’t laughing. Jones didn’t apologize for his “joke” and instead hit back at the people who criticized him. His name soon became a top-trending topic on Twitter Friday afternoon.

“Make a lil joke that gets you on the edge of your seat and I need to grow up can't take no Jokey Joke? People kill me, that was a joke about MY life and MY career, NOT YOURS! in the words of the great Aaron Rogers...... RELAX!! Acting like you read something about me beating women, getting arrested, failing a drug test, fighting, etc. harmless freaking joke,” he said in three different tweets.

In the end, Buckeye fans have nothing to worry about, except for their quarterback’s quirky sense of humor.

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