width=119Fashion & Style: As summer begins to blend into fall, every fashionably dressed woman is faced with the problem of what to wear as the days get shorter and the nights get cooler. Luckily, there is the always-appropriate cardi-wrap, the ultimate multi-purpose garment.

Back in 2002, Sonya Madden, debuted what has become her signature piece at cult-retailer Henri Bendel. The stylish shawl/cardigan hybrid cardi-wrap soon took off and Bendel's could hardly keep them in stock as they began to fly off the shelves and onto the toned arms of celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Courtney Cox, Denise Richards and Sarah Jessica Parker.

width=174The versatile cardi wrap can go anywhere anytime, from the boardroom to the bar, with a few adjustments. The original Sonya Madden cardi-wraps are luxuriously soft, made with high-quality cashmere yarns from Outer Mongolia or Italy. You can find them in select swanky boutiques across the country as well as the special Kate Spade by Sonya Madden label of custom designed at Kate Spade stores.

While the cardi-wrap is a Sonya Madden staple, it is really all about personal style. Choose how you wear it, whether it's wrapped, broached, tied, or one side up/one side down or open, the cardi-wrap lets you show or tell as you choose.