Cardio Vascular Medical Device Corp., an Israeli based developer of advanced cardiovascular surgery technologies, has announced that it will apply for additional patents for its proprietary steerable guidewire product for use in angioplasty procedures. The company already holds a U.S. patent for its innovative guidewire, but wants to obtain patents in Europe, Canada, and the Far East in order to penetrate a worldwide commercial marketplace for the life-saving angioplasty procedure. The steerable guidewire is applicable for all angioplasty procedures, and the potential market for related equipment exceeds $500 million.

Angioplasty is now a common procedure, performed to widen narrowed or obstructed blood vessels. It is often performed in place of, or before, more invasive and potentially life-threatening bypass surgery. Heart disease kills over 7 million people worldwide each year and is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S. Angioplasty performed prior to an artery being fully blocked can prevent the onset of heart attacks.

The guidewire, principal product of Cardio Vascular, offers a number of advantages over the competition.

• Improved performance
• Faster use, enabling the neurosurgeon to reach the desired location
• Controlled bending angle
• Easy to use handle
• Quick detachment from the operating handle
• Available in all ongoing sizes
• Cost efficiency for patient and a health care providers

Eli Gonen, CEO of Cardio Vascular Medical Device Corp., commented on the importance of the technology in the world market. “Filing these additional patent applications is the first stage in aiding cardiologists in the process of saving lives across the globe. The ability to steer our guidewire during angioplasty procedures using our patented flexi-tip enables more difficult procedures to be completed with greater ease, and speeds overall procedure time. Due to these significant advantages, Cardio Vascular Medical Device’s guidewire has the opportunity to become the guidewire of choice for surgeons throughout the world.”