Egyptian presidential candidate Abdul Moneim Abul Futuh is in intensive care after he was carjacked on the outskirts of Cairo late Thursday evening.

A group of masked gunmen attacked Abul Futuh's vehicle and assaulted him and his driver. The attackers later stole the car and left the scene, his campaign manager Ali Behnasawy said.

Abul Futuh was beaten on the head with the butt of a rifle, and sustained a concussion. He was leaving a campaign rally when the attack occurred.

Police are investigating the incident, and it remains unclear if the attack was politically motivated. Members of Abul Futuh's campaign suspect that the assault was political, and believe that the car was stolen to hide the motive.

Campaign staffers report they were asked suspicious questions concerning the presidential-hopeful's travel details, the BBC reports.

Abul Futuh is an ex-senior member of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. He was expelled after running for the presidency as an independent. The Muslim Brotherhood decided not to put up a candidate for the election.

The date of the presidential election in Egypt is yet to be decided even one year after former president Hosni Mubarak was deposed. However officials suggest they could occur in May.

Abul Futuh enjoys a good degree of political support, according to the BBC.