Being a Brooklyn-born basketball star who has found his way to the New York Knicks wins you a lot of attention.

In the case of Carmelo Anthony, the kid from the Red Hook projects got a standing ovation, and commercials pumping Coming Home by rapper Diddy and his group Dirty Money.

If you haven't heard the track, don't worry, you will.

It was released on November 21, 2010, and almost seems tailor made for Melo's return to the Big Apple.

The opening rap lyrics from Diddy are as follows: I'm back where I belong/Yeah, I never felt so strong/I'm feeling like there's nothing that I can't try/And if you're with me, put your feelings high.

Anthony may very well feel he is back where he belongs. He recently married a Brooklyn-born television personality, and he appeared to be angling to be traded to the Knicks for quite some time.

New York likes to roll out the red carpet for a superstar athlete, and Anthony was certainly no exception.

Not only is Anthony capable of returning the Knicks to the NBA Finals within the next few years, he has already returned swagger back to an organization that desperately craves it.

As much as New York felt jilted by LeBron James choosing the Heat over the Knicks, in a way, Anthony is the better acquisition.

There would be no Coming Home for James. He's not a New Yorker.

In the mind of a Knicks' fan, Anthony is one of their own, and worthy of his own hip-hop track, and the adulation that comes with it.