A new report alleges that Carrie Fisher was drunk during a performance on a cruise ship where fans aboard captured videos of the “Star Wars” actress “trashed and incoherent.”

According to the report which originated on Queerty, Fisher was the secret guest performance aboard Holland America Euroda on a RSVP Cruise of the Caribbean Saturday night. However, Fisher, who is a recovering drug addict and has bipolar disorder, was not exactly on her A-game, a witness told the LGBT blog.

According to the source, Fisher was “trashed and incoherent” when she entered the main stage for her performance Saturday night. The source told Queerty:

Some gays started seeing her act weird earlier in Half Moon Bay—swimming with all her clothes on.

“Carrie showed up to her 8:30pm show trashed and incoherent. Her dog joins her on the stage—only to take two shits. As audience members began to leave, she started chasing them out of the auditorium. They shut down the remainder of the show and cancelled her 10:30pm show.

“Obviously the gays love the drama—it was the only time you saw anyone spend the $16-per-minute on Internet service to tell their friends back home.”

Videos have since been uploaded showing Fisher’s performance, showing the actress acting bizarrely while discussing risqué topics, which you can view below.

However, fans of Fisher have come to her defense on message boards like the Cruise Critic, one person citing her bipolar disorder for the conduct:

She was not under any influence. We felt so bad for her. Most people do not have the experience or knowledge of what mental illness can do to someone. Carrie is very open about the fact she is Bi-Polar ... Those of us who know people with the same situation knew right away what was happening. She was in one of those highs and it can appear to be other causes. Please support her and do not make fun of her.”

Another commenter agreed, saying, “She was NOT 'on' anything, she was just in a very strong manic state. I feel so badly for her. Anyone who lets her appearance 'ruin' the entire week for them needs to lighten up."

And, as Queerty reported, yet another: “Please be understanding with Carrie. She was not under any influence… Those of us who know people with the same situation knew right away what was happening. She was in one of those highs and it can appear to be other causes.”

One commenter believed it was the fault of the cruise line, who should have maintained responsibility for the performance.

“Thanks for letting us know about her problems. However, and as a person who sat through much of her "performance" (I left when the dog pooped), I think RSVP shares some responsibility for this disappointment. RSVP should have either been more cautious of her state or not booked her at all.”

Carrie Fisher has been quite open about her alcoholism and addiction to prescription drugs and cocaine over the years, having admitting in 2008 penned a memoir called “Wishful Drinking.” In the story, Fisher described her life as the child of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and her struggle with drugs over the years.