The hills are alive … with the sound of marital discord?

Following the success of Carrie Underwood's performance in "The Sound of Music Live!" in December, the country singer is now reportedly feuding with her husband, professional ice hockey player Mike Fisher, over plans for their future. According to a print report from Star magazine, Underwood, 30, wants to focus on her career while her athlete beau is keen on starting a family.

According to the report, Fisher, 33, felt "ignored" during Underwood's preparations for the musical performance but stayed confident that the duo would start a family after the show premiered. Despite the country singer's performance tanking critically, it was a ratings hit for the NBC network and now Underwood is reportedly more interested in taking on similar career opportunities, putting pregnancy plans on the back burner.

"Mike only put up with Carrie's consuming role because she promised to work on starting a family when the show finally wrapped … Carrie is reneging on her baby promise," reads the report. 

According to an insider close to the couple, the duo is now having marital issues following the argument. "Mike is fuming," said a source, adding, "Carrie is thrilled about all the opportunities but she's very conflicted and confused. She and Mike are barely speaking."

Carrie Underwood 'Sound of Music' Carrie Underwood with the child actors on the set of "The Sound of Music Live!" Photo: Instagram: Carrie Underwood

While the famous couple has yet to confirm or deny the rumored reports, Underwood previously discussed her lack of desire to start a family during an interview with E! News in 2012. "We're both so busy and it would be weird to have that much -- you know, there's another person depending on you," Underwood said. 

"The Sound of Music Live!" had 18.5 million views during its premiere on Dec. 5, 2013. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the televised musical was the highest-rated program to air on a Thursday for the network since the series finale of "ER" in 2009.