Carrier IQ (CIQ) is emerging as a bogeyman of the mobile devices world thanks partly to the efforts of Trevor Eckhart, a mobile developer and security researcher.

Eckhart characterized CIQ as rootkit software that needs to clarify its collection of user information.

Based on tests he conducted on his HTC EVO device, he claims CIQ logs the following user information:

Key in HTCDialer Pressed or Keyboard Keys pressed -

Intent -

App Opened -

Intent -

Sms Received -

Intent -

Screen Off/On -

Intent -

Call Received -

Intent -

Media Statistics -

Intent -

Location Statistics -

Intent -

He demonstrates his claim in the video below (starting from around the 10-minute mark):

Eckhart claims CIQ has been found on HTC, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. Tim Schofield of Android Creative Syndicate claims it is also found on Samsung devices.

Schofield claims that while carrier Verizon gives users a way to opt-out, AT&T and Sprint do not.

CIQ, on its part, claims it is solely focused on improving the mobile users experience, including reducing dropped calls and extending battery life.

It claims it does not record keystrokes, provide tracking tools, inspect or report the content of communications, provide real-time data reporting on customers and sell data to third parties.

Larry Lenhart, CEO of CIQ, does admit his company examine[s] large amounts of data from each device.

Venture capital firm Mohr Davidow, which is associated with CIQ, claims the following facts about CIQ:

- Over 140 million devices shipped worldwide with Carrier IQ solutions.

- Working with 12 global mobile device OEMs.

- Integrated on 100+ different device models across 25 mobile device platforms - ranging from Mass Market / Advanced Smartphone / Data Devices and Data Cards.

- Deployments across top North American and European Operators.

- Carrier IQ enabled devices shipped on over 132+ Operator networks worldwide.