Cascadia Investments, Inc., a publicly traded real estate company, is focused on selecting high-quality multi-family and residential properties and managing them to provide superior returns. These properties are often financially distressed (pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, or bank-owed) and have a reduced price. The company has experience producing high rental income by buying, renovating, and then selling or holding real estate, depending on the current market.

Because Cascadia Investments is a publicly traded entity and has access to equity markets, it enjoys a competitive advantage over other companies operating in the same geographical area. Many of these companies are similar to Cascadia Investments in style, but privately-held.

For the past decade, Cascadia Investments has dedicated its efforts in and around the Pacific Northwest USA. The company has developed a network of contacts in the Seattle-Tacoma real estate market, while developing a reputation for improving neighborhoods. By renovating distressed properties, Cascadia Investments is able to provide safe and affordable residences to neighbors, improving the quality of living in these areas.

President and CEO Nazir Maherali’s has spent the last seven years of his career acquiring and renovating under-valued properties for lease and resale, as well as purchasing undeveloped real estate for residential development and sale. Prior to that he raised capital and increased share volume for small-cap companies listed on Canadian, European, and US exchanges. He has served several companies in key executive positions and brings much expertise to Cascadia Investments.

In a recent press release, the company announced that their assets valued at approx. $2.7 million, comprised of 12 properties containing 25 rental units. Cascadia Investments anticipates continuing its aggressive growth for acquiring holdings in the Seattle and Tacoma markets. The company’s aim is to expand its rental property portfolio by more than 25% during the fiscal year of 2009, thus increasing revenues in a proportionate amount.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Maherali, commented, “We will continue to build our asset base and focus on growing our revenues. The action of the fed will put a backstop to mortgage defaults and our industry is going to benefit tremendously and it looks like this could be the start of the recovery.”