Cascadia Investments, Inc., a company focused on developing and/or acquiring innovative Internet businesses, recently announced its plans to complete the process of becoming a fully reporting corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission and move to the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.

Cascadia’s principal objective is to create equity and long-term earnings for its shareholders through the acquisition and development of social media, gaming, and other web-based businesses. Due to the company’s recent success and attainment of qualifying milestones, Cascadia will up-list to the Bulletin Board in order to provide greater accountability and transparency for shareholders while potentially gaining additional access to capital to support future growth.

Nazir Maherali, Cascadia Investments’ chief executive officer, stated, “The growth we are seeing is exciting and we feel that an up-listing will aid our expansion while helping us to capitalize on greater financial opportunities.” Mr. Maherali continued, “It has always been a goal of Cascadia to provide liquidity and growth for its shareholders. It is something we have planned since inception.”