What readers were most interested in this week

  1. Goldman Sachs Q3 Winning Percentage: 98.4% - here 
  2. Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway to Acquire Burlington Northern; Split Shares - here 
  3. STEC Crashes 30% on EMC Inventory Warning - here 
  4. Las Vegas Sands Earnings Ok but CEO Talk Supports Stock; Hong Kong IPO Approved - here 
  5. Barron's - A Scare that can Last beyond Halloween (TA) - here  
  6. Nearly 600,000 Americans Walked Away from their Mortgage in 2008 - here  
  7. Paul Tudor Jones 3rd Quarter Investor Letter; Another Gold Bug - here
  8. Nouriel Roubini on CNBC: Mother of all Carry Trades - here 
  9. Potential Fly in Bull Ointment: Potential Head and Shoulders Formation - here

Late week favorites

  1. Fannie Mae's New Deed for Lease Program; Rent your Home from the Government - here 
  2. Official Unemployment Rate Hits 10.2%; Reality is Far Worse - here 
  3. Whitney Tilson T2 Partners October 2009 Investor Letter; Housing Recovery Still Has Long Way to go - here