Hated murder suspect Casey Anthony, who a court found not guilty last week, will walk out a free person from Florida's Orange County jail in hours. But her future is uncertain, riddled with death threats and a high prospect of social rejection. She spent three years and one day in prison after being arrested in connection with the disappearance and death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony.

Casey will have no family to return to, and most probably she will spend days or weeks in some safe house as part of a security protocol. Demonstrators voicing protest against her acquittal have already started massing near the Orange County prison gates. It has been reported that her look-alikes have been subjected to hate attacks and people are using social media to release ire over her acquittal, which many think defied logic.

Just as her trial, her impending release will also be fodder for much media frenzy. Dozens of satellite TV trucks are already camping outside the prison gates.

Though law acquitted Casey Anthony, she is guilty in popular view and many have vowed revenge for the toddler Caylee. There are people who have said on Facebook and Twitter that they are dusting up their guns. somebody prolly gone kill casey anthony if she steps foot out in the open, says a Twitter, suggesting the ominous welcome Casey would get once out of jail.

Casey Anthony will be released from jail anytime after midnight in Orlando. I'm heading up there today!, says Ted Scouten on Twitter.

Even as fears of Casey Anthony being subjected to mob justice are gaining currency, officials have clarified that she will not get special protection. We will not be providing any elaborate security protection for Casey once she leaves [the jail], Sheriff Jerry Demings said.

However, the very idea of giving extra protection to Casey was reviled on social media. Some on Twitter ridiculed the idea and said in fact it was Caylee Anthony who had to get a safe house.

Casey Anthony needs a safe house? Pretty sure Caylee Anthony is the one that needed the safe house, tweeted Nick Dimi.

While there is real threat of her facing irate mobs or individuals if she ever dared entering public scene, the reality could be vastly different, according to observers. Instead of ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time, Casey could actually celebrate her new found freedom in her own unique ways.

One thing that tops her agenda would be to find a sexual partner. She could then revisit her carefree party days and binge drinking. Ms. Anthony has a history of using sex as an anesthetic, distancing herself from traumatic memories, emotional suffering and a range of other feelings—including guilt. Upon her release, she may well put romance at the top of her list,

Dr. Keith Ablow wrote in Fox News. Casey had notoriously partied and chased sexual encounters after her daughter was reported missing.

Apart from frolicking in liquor and sex, which she used to do in her pre-prison days, Casey could now do all that and get paid as well. She could sign media projects and do television interviews and make money in millions. It was reported that a producer affiliated with The Jerry Springer Show allegedly offered her $1 million her her to appear on the talk show.

She could marry and settle down as well. Some in Twitter says a Casey Anthony wedding will be a much celebrated media event!

On a more practical level, Casey could consult a professional psychiatrist and get treatment. Or in a bizarre twist in tale, she could keep herself busy by suing her own father George Anthony for allegedly sexually assaulting her as a child. Paternal sexual abuse was a main plank of Casey's defense during the trial.

Casey will also have to face lawsuits in the coming days. Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, whose name was mentioned by Anthony as Caylee's nanny who abducted Caylee, has filed a civil lawsuit against her. Casey's story about nanny abducting the child had turned out to be a lie. Gonzalez says the allegation cost her a house and a job, besides subjecting her to death threats.

There are also some rare voices of sympathy for her. A FB page for I hate Casey Anthony with 40,000 plus people & a pic of her with a bullseye on her face. Wow, how far we've degraded, exclaims a Twitter user called 'MasterOlivier'.