Casey Anthony was reportedly tearing up as she heard the not guilty verdict this afternoon.

12 jurors delivered the verdict at 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, finding Casey Anthony not guilty of all counts except for providing false information to law enforcement officers.

Anthony's parents, Cindy and George Anthony, left the courtroom as Judge Belvin Perry read further instructions to the jury. They did not approach their daughter.

Casey Anthony hugged her lawyers upon hearing the verdict. She beamed happily as she was fingerprinted in the courtroom for her misdemeanor convictions, reports ABC News.


If she really did not kill her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, it is too early to rejoice - since the cause of Caylee's death has still not been found.

Whether Anthony chooses to pursue the murderer of her daughter, the world wants to know. Who killed Caylee? And how can justice be done for the innocent toddler whose life was taken away at an age too young? Or did she really drown by accident, and somehow ended up in the woods?

In the murder trial, the forensic evidence from both sides were very confusing for the jury. With no DNA evidence of Casey Anthony in the scene, it was difficult for jury to leap from the uncaring mother portrayed by the public image of Casey Anthony, to a child murderer who applied chloroform and suffocated her daughter and dumped the body in the woods.

Sufficient scientific evidence seems to have been presented, such as:

- Hair banding, a phenomenon where hair roots can form a dark band after death. The patterm was seen from a hair found in the trunk of the Anthony car.

- Air sample suggesting human decomposition and the presence of chloroform

- The same type of laundry bag, duct tape, and plastic bags found at the crime scene were discovered in the house where Casey and her daughter lived

- Internet search of terms such as neck breaking, how to make chloroform, and death on Casey Anthony's home computer

- An entry from Casey's diary dated June 21 that reads,

I have no regrets, just a bit worried. I just want for everything to work out OK. I completely trust my own judgment and know that I made the right decision. I just hope that the end justifies the means. I just want to know what the future will hold for me. I guess I will soon see - This is the happiest that I have been in a very long time. I hope that my happiness will continue to grow- I've made new friends that I really like. I've surrounded myself with good people - I am finally happy. Let's just hope that it doesn't change.

Evidence and history of Casey's lies abound. Nevertheless, the prosecution was hurt by the fact that nobody knows exactly how Caylee died. The decomposition of Caylee's body went too far for anyone to discover the cause of death.

After nearly two months since the beginning of the murder trial, the death of Caylee Anthony remains mystery - one that's quite hard to swallow.

Some did predict the difficulty for prosecution to get the first degree conviction, without proof of the murder.

On Sunday, Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton, in his closing arguments, told the jury the three pieces of duct tape attached to Caylee's mouth were proof of premeditation. It was possible that the chloroform was used beforehand, said Ashton, so it knocked Caylee out before she was suffocated. In that case, the toddler would have died in peace.

Defense attorney Jose Baez, on the other hand, attacked the case saying it was a fantasy of forensics, trying to poke holes in the state's evidence. In contrast to his proclamation in the opening statement that Caylee drowned accidentally and that Casey's Father George Anthony hid Caylee's body, Baez repeatedly asked on Sunday, What happened to Caylee? How did Caylee die?

That's what everyone wants to know. Is there a way to reach the truth?

Anthony will be sentenced on July 7th on the conviction of giving false information to law enforcement officers, and faces up to four years in prison. However, her three-year-stay in prison awaiting trial may quicken her liberation - she could be released on July 7.

There will be no chance for Casey Anthony to go on trial again.

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