Larry Flynt, the pornographic mogul, has offered Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose naked in adult magazine Hustler.

Larry said he has made the offer to Casey after being flooded with requests from men nationwide who wanted to see the 25-year old sexy woman pose naked for the magazine.

"You've got men who say, 'Hey, I want to see her in her birthday suit,'" Larry said. "There may be some sick individuals ... but that's what life is all about."

There was something about Casey, Larry said, which attracted the American men. "They said, 'Why haven't you made an offer? Why don't you want to publish her pictures?'" Larry said.

"They said, 'She's a really attractive person.' ... I've never seen that happen before," he added.

Larry said Casey may actually stand to receive more than $500,000 if she agrees to pose in her birthday suit. If the photos go viral just as her trial did, Larry would be willing to give her additionally 10 percent of the profits from the sales of the magazine, the Orlando Sentinel has reported.

"She could make millions, more than's ever been discussed with her in any other possible interviews that she would be involved in," Larry explained at HLN's "Nancy Grace" Thursday night show.

Larry also promised that a portion of the profits from the sale of photos would be donated to charities involved with child abuse.

We don't know whether Casey will accept the offer or not but one thing's certain - following the trial, though Casey is free, she has a heap of bills to deal with.

For instance, Casey may have foot the $140,000 costs associated with the high-profile seven-week trial that took place. On July 28, Florida State Attorney's Office filed 281 pages of documents detailing its expenses, including airfares and hotel rooms for witnesses and payments to experts, incurred for the trial.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that Casey's team has called Larry's offer "nonsense." Casey could not be contacted for her comments. Ever since she was released from prison on July 17, her whereabouts is unknown.

And, in case, you're wondering why American men might be wanting to see Casey to pose naked for Hustler magazine, start the slideshow to see some of her party photos. The girl sure knows how to party and raise the temperature by a degree or two.

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