Look-alike of celebrities like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson receive a lot of attention and they love it but L. Concetta Graves, who looks very similar to Casey Anthony, hates the attention she is getting right now.

Concetta Graves, an author from Florida, was physically assaulted when she was in the post office last week. For when Concetta Graves wore her new Ghostbusters hat and sunglasses, she looks like Casey Anthony, who is suspected to have killed her 2-year old daughter Caylee and is reviled by many Americans.

No wonder Graves is very upset. She posted her bitter experience on Facebook, saying that when she was in the post office, "a guy flung open the door and yelled, 'Oh my god, is that Casey Anthony???'. " The man ended up waiting for her until she was finished her work at the post office and then stalked her.

In another incident, when she and her brother were walking in West Orange County, three men stopped them and shouted “baby killer" at her. They even threw her on the ground and beat her. Her brother D.M. Blade ended up with two black eyes when he tried to shield her. Graves fortunately had a gun in her hand to scare them away.

“They kind of jump to conclusions. They don’t know that behind the glasses and hat is someone that doesn’t really look like her (Casey),” Blade said.

Graves has meanwhile been receiving advices from people, including "stay home till she isn't fresh in people's minds", dye her hair, "stop wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap" and dress differently from Casey.

Graves and her brother also shared with WESH and Central Florida News 13 Tonight their harrowing experience on Friday night.

"It's dangerous. It's scary, and if my story can help other people say before they react, 'Wait a minute; that's not her,' that would be a good thing because that's heartbreaking what happened to him," Graves said in the program.

After she posted her scary experience and troubles, many people left messages to comfort her.

Dominique Chiavello: can't believe someone would mistake you for casey anthony you are clearly way prettier than her and look nothing like her . sorry for whats been happening with you

Linda Booth Kidney: I am sorry to hear about all the stuff you are going through you do not deserve it. You stay strong and it will all work out.

Josh Modeer: You do not look like Casey!! You are absolutely Beautiful< she is not!! Keep your chin up!

Catherine Thayer: I saw you on the Canadian news this morning! I am sorry that they thought you were Casy Anthony! That must have been horrible.....

Joseph Finley: Saw u on the news im sorry that they thought u were casey Anthony I wish this thing would pass soon so u can move on with your life

 What do you think? Does Concetta Graves look like Casey Anthony? Or is she more beautiful than Caylee's mom? Start the slideshow to find out.