Casey Anthony, the woman acquitted of the murder of her two-year-old child Caylee and dubbed America's Most Hated, left Orange County Jail Sunday midnight accompanied by her attorney Jose Baez.

According to her attorney, Casey Anthony was scared to leave jail, given numerous threats to her life as a large section of the public believes that she is guilty of murder.

However, a minority out there has turned her admirers and has been sending her cash gifts. Anthony walked out of the jail with nearly $500, sent by admirers who are concerned that she will have no money to spend on makeup and snack while she finishes her time in jail.

Records at the Orange County Corrections Department show that at least 17 strangers have sent her money orders though her parents haven't sent any cash since May 8 of 2011.

While the average balance of an Orange County Jail inmate is $36.30, Anthony now has $472.18 in her account.

Most of the Anthony fans who donated cash are from the US and some from Canada. According to ABC News, donors range from 19-year-olds to middle aged men and women. Some of the donors have criminal records, including aggravated assault and sex offenses.

One donor, Gary Bradfield, a 44-year-old man from Texas, offered her a place to stay, ABC News reported. He was quoted as saying, If she ever did contact me and wanted to live in the middle of nowhere, I have three houses out here...I'm scared for her.

Bradfield, resident of Texas, talked to ABC News about the peculiar connection he feels to Anthony as he also served time in jail during the 1990s. He said that he also understands how important it is for an inmate to have money.

David R. Fulton Computer Repair company donated $25, and is of the opinion that Anthony is innocent.

A 56-year-old Florida woman, Christy Davis, donated $40 over the last two months. She reportedly said, I feel a little bit of a kindred spirit with Casey Anthony...I'm a regular person who saw the story through a different set of eyes.

According to Davis, Anthony has never sent a thank you note, acknowledging their cash gifts.